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The Ultimate Bird Deterrent Solution

Birds, while a natural and beautiful part of our environment, can often pose challenges for various industries. Their activities can interfere with operations, create sanitation issues, or even become a potential hazard in certain areas. Rise Tape is an innovative solution designed to address these avian challenges. With its unique design and proven efficacy, Rise Tape stands out as an exceptional bird deterrent.

Tailing pond bird deterrent.

Why the Need for Bird Deterrent ?

Birds are drawn to various industrial and residential sites for nesting, feeding, or perching. This can lead to:

  • Contamination of water sources, like storage ponds.
  • Damage to crops in agricultural fields.
  • Nuisance in public spaces like parks or recreational areas.
  • Hazards in aviation or utility sites.
  • Exposure to environments that can be toxic or otherwise harmful to the birds, such as flare & tailing ponds.

Whether to protect operational integrity, public spaces, or the birds themselves, implementing a reliable bird deterrent system is paramount.

How Rise Tape Deters Birds

Rise Tape is a thoughtfully designed deterrent system, featuring a robust main line from which orange-coloured reflective tapes are suspended at regular intervals. These tapes move in the wind and create a visual disturbance. This simple yet effective design has shown that birds generally choose to avoid areas where Rise Tape is present. And for those with specific preferences, Rise Tape is also available in blue for marine applications.

Compared to Other Bird Repellents

Rise Tape doesn’t harm the birds. It merely discourages them from settling or entering a designated area. This humane approach is in stark contrast to some other bird deterrent measures that can be harmful.

While some bird deterrent solutions require frequent replacements or maintenance, Rise Tape’s durability ensures that once it’s up, it keeps serving its purpose for a long time, saving costs in the long term.

Furthermore, unlike other solutions that are tailored for specific scenarios, Rise Tape offers broad applicability, from industrial settings to lakeside docks, proving its versatility.

Boat dock bird repellent.

Rise Tape in Action

Across industries and settings, Rise Tape delivers unmatched results. From repelling birds at large-scale storage ponds to safeguarding grain and silage bags in agriculture, its applications are diverse. For marine settings, particularly in keeping birds off boat docks, the blue variant of Rise Tape is often chosen, offering both effectiveness and aesthetic alignment with aquatic environments.

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