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In an industry where efficiency and safety are paramount, Rise Tape offers a versatile solution that withstands harsh, demanding conditions. Its durable, reusable design and easy deployment make it an indispensable tool for various applications. From avian control to accident prevention, Rise Tape ensures operational integrity and worker safety in some of the most challenging settings, including:

Rise Tape has multiple safety applications at drilling sites.

Drilling SItes

Our product can also be deployed on offshore platforms.

Offshore Platforms

Rise Tape can be used as hazard marker and rope guardrail during pipeline construction.

Pipeline Construction

Our product can also bed used to repel birds from structures at refineries.


Rise Tape used as bird deterrent for tailing ponds.

Effective Bird Deterrent

Compliant with the BC Energy Regulator, Rise Tape is a robust bird deterrent for oil and gas operations, preventing avian-related contamination and disruptions. Its reflective design deters birds from nesting and roosting around structures and equipment, reducing corrosion, slipping and health hazards from droppings. It can also complement existing deterrent systems, enhancing overall protection.

Efficient Hazard Marker

Clear and effective hazard identification is crucial in the oil and gas industry to prevent accidents and maintain a safe working environment. Rise Tape serves as an exceptional hazard marker with its high-visibility design, making it ideal for marking hazardous areas such as open ditches, pipelines, and tailing waste. Additionally, its quick and easy deployment makes Rise Tape particularly valuable in emergency situations, such as marking spills, while serving as a physical barrier to prevent entry.

Reliable Rope Guardrail

With its impressive 2,500lbs shear strength and vibrant visibility, Rise Tape is perfectly suited for delineating restricted areas, protecting hazardous zones, and marking the edges of elevated platforms. In the dynamic and often perilous conditions of oil and gas operations, Rise Tape offers a dependable barrier that can be quickly and easily adapted to various safety requirements and ever-changing conditions.

Rise Tape used as a hazard marker in oilfield.

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