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Rise Tape Barricade Bags

Product Details

Big Things Come in Small Packages

Compact yet powerful, the Rise Tape Barricade Bag is a testament to the saying, “big things come in small packages.” Weighing just 7.5 pounds, this product is equipped with 250 feet of Rise Tape, meticulously secured to a resilient 15L waterproof bag. Designed for ease of use, it’s perfect for quicker installations or smaller areas requiring hazard identification or bird deterrence.

Optimal Length

250 feet of Rise Tape per bag, perfectly portioned for diverse, smaller-scale projects.

Waterproof Bag

This design ensures Rise Tape stays dry and intact even in adverse weather conditions.

Rise tape is lightweight.

Ultra Portable

Each bag, at just 7.5lbs and 15L with a built-in handle, allows for carrying multiple units at once with ease.

A versatile bird deterrent, hazard identification solution.

Rapid Deployment

Deploy in just ⅓ of the time it takes for snow fencing, offering significant savings in both time and money.

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