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The Strength and Length You Need

The Rise Tape Tote is your ideal solution for versatile, large-scale applications. With 2,500 feet of our premier Rise Tape included, you’re equipped with the flexibility to customize lengths based on specific project requirements. Whether you’re looking to mark hazards, deter birds, or both, this tote has been designed with the professional in mind, making installations more efficient and streamlined.

Rise Tape is UV & Water-resistant.

Generous Length

2,500 feet of Rise Tape ensures you have ample product for comprehensive coverage on extensive job sites.


Can be cut according to the installer's discretion, providing the liberty to tailor the product to various project specifications.

Durable Packaging

Housed in a stackable, durable tote, with the lid slotted for tie-down straps, ensuring protection and ease of transport.

Patent pending design


Ideal for large-scale industrial applications, construction sites, farms, and utility projects.

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Ready to revolutionize your company’s safety and efficiency? Don’t miss out on the game-changing benefits of Rise Tape. Whether you need superior bird deterrent, hazard markers, or highly visible rope guard rails, Rise Tape has you covered.