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Bird Repellent for Marine Environments

Rise Tape effectively combats bird-related issues in marine settings. It prevents birds such as seagulls, geese and pigeons from nesting and roosting on boats and docks, protecting surfaces from corrosive droppings and reducing slip hazards. Its presence ensures both aesthetic appeal and safety in the following marine settings:

Our product has multiple applications in marinas.


Rise Tape can be used to deter birds from boats.


Our bird repellent doubles as rope guardrails on docks.


Our product prevents bird droppings in marinas, ensuring health and safety near dining areas.

Ensuring Health and Safety

Bird droppings, containing harmful bacteria and viruses, pose significant health risks in marinas and yacht clubs, especially near dining areas. Rise Tape deters birds, maintaining essential cleanliness for the health and safety of visitors and staff in these areas.

Designed for Marine Use

Rise Tape is made from saltwater-resistant nylon and polyester, ensuring durability even in challenging maritime environments. It is weather and UV-resistant, making it a reliable choice for boat canopies, radar towers, and deck houses. Rise Tape’s thoughtful design allows for convenient storage, as well as quick deployment and removal during docking and undocking. Available in blue, it seamlessly integrates aesthetically with the waterfront environment.

Beyond Deterring Birds

Rise Tape’s effectiveness extends beyond bird deterrence. With its 2,500lbs shear strength, it can also serve as a rope guardrail to prevent falls, and as a safety marker for high-risk areas and equipment under maintenance. Its durability and ease of use make it an ideal solution for creating safe and bird-free environments on boats and docks.

Our system deters birds, acts as a strong rope guardrail, and marks safety areas effectively.

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