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Engineered for High Altitude

Rise Tape is a durable, highly visible boundary marking and barrier solution, designed to endure the elevated UV exposure and harsh winter weather typically found at ski resorts situated at high altitudes. It serves multiple purposes on ski slopes and surrounding areas, including during the off-season.

Rise Tape enhances ski resort safety and helps manage visitor traffic.

Applications on Ski Slopes

Available in a variety of colours, Rise Tape is ideal for delineating ski trails according to their difficulty level, establishing restricted areas, and enhancing the safety of chairlifts. It also aids in directing pedestrian movement and optimizing parking arrangements to facilitate a smoother visitor flow.

Off-season Utility

In the off-season, Rise Tape proves useful for indicating paths for hiking and mountain biking, as well as outlining areas for events. Furthermore, it is also available in portable packages which allows perimeters or paths to be rapidly set up in emergency situations.

Saves Money & the Environment

Rise Tape outperforms conventional ropes and survey ribbons by maintaining its vibrancy over long periods in the sun and resisting displacement by wind. Its durability and reusability result in reduced replacement frequency, making it a more cost-effective and eco-friendly option.

Durable Rise Tape resists sun fade and wind, outlasting ropes and ribbons.

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