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Rope Guardrail

The Ultimate Barrier System

Rope guardrail has been a time-tested tool in ensuring safety across various industries and work sites. These barriers provide a tangible boundary that prevents accidents, especially in places where there’s a potential for falls or unauthorized access. With evolving safety standards and the pressing need for durable, long-lasting solutions, Rise Tape has emerged as the ultimate answer for rope guardrail needs.

Rope guardrail for no-go zone in critical lift.

Rope Guardrail vs Alternatives

Rope guardrails, compared to their solid or meshed alternatives, offer a blend of flexibility and ease of installation. Unlike heavy or permanent barriers, rope guardrails are lightweight and portable, which means they can be swiftly and easily installed, removed or relocated to address evolving project and safety requirements.

Rise Tape As Rope Guardrails

Rise Tape is not just any rope. Designed with durability and visibility in mind, it boasts a breaking strength of 2,500lbs, surpassing the standards set by the US Dept. of Labor as well as provincial occupational health & safety regulatory bodies in Canada. Its vibrant orange tapes fluttering at intervals not only deter birds but also amplify its visibility. Whether used to encircle a hazardous zone or line the edge of an elevated platform, Rise Tape provides a consistent and reliable boundary that workers can trust.

Compared to Other Rope Guardrail Systems

While traditional rope guardrails primarily serve the role of separation, Rise Tape elevates this standard. Its impressive breaking strength ensures longevity, diminishing the frequency of replacements. What further distinguishes Rise Tape is the embedded tapes that amplify its visibility, allowing it to be easily discernible even in busy work settings. Moreover, its customizable length offers versatility, making it adaptable to a wide array of requirements, thus ensuring maximum utility.

Rope guardrail at an excavation site.

Rise Tape in Action

The adaptability of Rise Tape makes it invaluable across various sectors. The oil and gas industry uses it extensively during pipeline construction and to mark restricted no-go areas. In construction, both residential and commercial, it signifies potential hazards like open ditches. Utilities, mining, and even agriculture sectors have integrated Rise Tape for demarcating zones, signifying its universal applicability.

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